How does Tom Tykwer use narritive conventions to develop through aspects like mise-en-scene, visual elements, music, dialogue and manilpulation of time (Flashback, flashforward)?

Tom Tykwer’s narritive conventions uses other elements to help devlop the the story further. The feature costume is used along with the narrative conventions to give a more depth understanding of what the character’s personality are like. They give an insight of what the characters past or future may be like and create the sense of what era of time and living conditions the characters live in. An example of this would be during most of the running sences with Lola we see that her clothes are almost combat like clothes, we especially get shown her red hair which we recognise her from. This costume represents the typical trend of fashion during the 1990’s – 2000, which illustrates to the audience that Lola is seen as your typical young adult. But narritive conventions pull the idea/theme of fighting against time and give a wider idea that Lola could idealy be part of a video game, which the cosume can be identically simliar as well for a typical female video game character.


With mise-en-scene Tom Tykwer uses to this to his advantage by giving away small hints and clues of what struggles Lola will face and if she has a chance of saving Manni in the future. They give a sense of the audience playing alongside Lola as if it were like a video game. We also see that Tykwer sneakily combines mise-en-scen along with manipulation of time with the narrative structure to combust a jam-packed scene that later adds up to Lola’s mistakes through her run to save Manni. The mise-en-scen strategically placed each of upcoming mistakes in plain view and the manipulation of time was later explained for the reason of her mistake.


The music used in the film along with the narrative structure never really changed but that’s what gave the impression of everything happening again when in reality it was at the same place but at a different time. With the constant repeat of the song it seemed as though nothing had changed but yet everything had gone back to the start and was repeating itself.

Though the point of the movie was to focus on your surroundings and what they may hint to, dialogue wasn’t a big deal in the film Run Lola Run. Tykwer used the aspect dialogue carefully throughout each character. We see this when Lola keeps running into different people they would all say a certain line they would eventually hint to what their future would turn out like.

Overall, we see that Tykwer used narrtive structure wiseing to devlop the the aspects of costume, visual elements, dialogue, music and manipulation of time. This was showen in one of his films Run Lola Run, proving that all these aspects help devlop the characters more and create a deapth understanding of the films idea.


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