Each film’s plot in under 100 words


Run Lola Run.

We get introduced to the character Lola who faces a series of challenges and events that lead up to her saving her boyfriend Manni who might supposedly get killed if he doesn’t hand in the right amount of money. Which is $100,000. After running past numerous people, in which we get a glance at what they’re future will be like from they’re interaction with Lola, Lola is faced with a got shot in her body. Waking up she sits in the same situation at the start and gets another chance at saving Manni this time having an idea of what to change. But she fails. On her final run she finally gets everything right and Manni is saved along with a bit of extra cash. $100,000.

Pan’s Labyrinth.

We learn about a young princess named Moana who left her life to become mortal. Later on we are introduced to a young girl named Ofelia who travels with her sick and pregnant mother to stay with Captain Vidal. Discovering a fairy, Ofelia is pulled into the world in which she believes she’s the missing princess. Meeting Faun, Ofelia follows three tasks to get back home all while her mother gets worse and the rebels outside the land try claim it back. On Ofelia’s final task, she sacrificed herself and is killed by the Captain. In the end we find out she has returned back to her home and is finally princess again




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