Select 2 narrative features from the task resource/appendix sheet. Describe each element and detail the effect of each element on the narrative.

Exposition is ideally the start of the film where the idea or theme is introduced to the audience. In Pan’s Labyrinth we are shown through exposition through the young girl Ofelia travelling with her sick mother along a lonely road, after the mother pulls over feeling ill Ofelia wonders off to find a statue. We understand this is the exposition because we see Ofelia placing a broken piece of the statue which fits into the eye. This indicates to the audience that Ofelia see’s that she doesn’t belong here especially with Captain Vidal and wants to find her ‘real family’. Ofelia is introduced to a small fairy who ultimately changes her life on from then.
Through Run Lola Run, our exposition is the phone call Lola has with Manni. Through every journey of her trying to save Manni and failing, she restarts all over again and it always begins with the phone call to Manni telling him that she is coming to save her.

Eternal conflict is a conflict a character has from the outside between another character, their surrounding environment or with society. In Pan’s Labyrinth, the external conflict is Ofelia having conflict on reality, fighting with her imagination to sacrifice and get back ‘home’. During the movie we watch you have conflict between the reality of Captain Vidal and her dying mother or her forgotten family she escaped from. In Run Lola Run, Lola’s conflict is time in saving Manni. She has 20 minutes in order to get to Manni with the money he needs, but she struggles with people and objects getting in her way.




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